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Simply Edo! Raw seaweed tsukudani
Simply Edo! Raw seaweed tsukudani
Simply Edo! Raw seaweed tsukudani

Enchu Food Co., Ltd.

Kazuaki Miyajima

Sustainable eating habits - local production for local consumption - committed to domestic ingredients

Enchu Food is a tsukudani store founded in 1913. We are committed to adding no domestic ingredients or chemical seasonings and manufacturing tsukudani and side dishes cooked in the traditional Edo way. In recent years, we have been actively developing rare products such as domestic seasoned zha cai, menma (seasoned bamboo), and yamakurage. We will continue to protect traditional handmade products without using chemical seasonings.
We also launched the Made in Tokyo Association four years ago. We are developing products using raw materials from Tokyo, aspiring to contribute to improving the food self-sufficiency rate of Tokyo, which is said to be around 1%.

Creator's Commitment

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Bringing the passion of the primary producer

We simmer ingredients to make items such as tsukudani in a traditional direct fire kettle, which has been rare in recent years. Experienced craftsmen determine the climate of the day and cook it carefully. It takes time and care to cook it as we use open flame. It can easily be burnt if you take your eyes off it. However, the finished product is fragrant, plump, and worth the extra step. We visit the producers of the raw materials and form trust with them. We use their ingredients to make our products reflecting and respecting their passion.
We know that we processors cannot make anything without the producers. The producers are vital to us. In this era, raw materials can be procured by calling a phone number or ordering online. However, we want to interact directly with the producers and cherish their passion. [Tsukudani that allows you to see the producer's face] That is the characteristic of the tsukudani that only we possess.


10 million yen
Company Info
Founded in 1913. Manufacturing and wholesale of tsukudani, side dishes, and pickles

Enchu Food Co., Ltd. / Kazuaki Miyajima
1- 30- 10, Nihonbashi Kakigaracho, Chuo Ward, Tokyo, 103- 0014
Phone : 03-3666-3012 FAX : 03-6661-6026  Mail : k.miyajima@enchu,net

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