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TAAKK Co., Ltd.

Takuya Morikawa

What we must do now to grow and expand more...

“TAAKK," operated by TAAKK Co., Ltd., is a men's fashion brand in Tokyo released in the official show of PARIS FASHION WEEK. The highly acclaimed brand featuring unique and daily clothes has won many awards, including the "FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO," which selects a pair of fashion designers from Tokyo who are acclaimed in Japan and overseas. A women's line will be added in 2023. TAAKK will conduct promotions and sell our clothes tailored to the women's fashion market, which is larger than the men's market. For this significant leap forward, TAAKK is focusing on traditional Japanese crafts. For example, it will use Tokyo silk, a signature product of Tokyo. Tokyo silk is a textile from Hachioji, made with silk from silkworms raised in the area.

Creator's Commitment

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Creating new values and making clothes that remain in the history of fashion

“TAAKK" is a brand that never ceases to give birth to new values.
The most acclaimed quality of this brand worldwide is the concept work born from TAAKK’s unique textile making.
Trust from textile manufacturers in various parts of Japan is essential in creating textiles, such as Hachioji in Tokyo, Kiryu in Gunma Prefecture, and Fujiyoshida in Yamanashi Prefecture. The fabrics created by our partnering manufacturers' technology and our flexible ideas cannot be expressed simply by the word "high quality.” They are unique in the history of fashion. Designing the textile base while feeling the atmosphere of the times is why we can make original clothes that fit into our daily lives.


3 million yen
Company Info
Company info Planning, manufacturing, and sales of men’s and women's clothing

TAAKK Co., Ltd. / Takuya Morikawa
152-0004 3-21-9 Takaban, Meguro Ward, Tokyo
Phone : 03-6758-7686 FAX : -  Mail : taakk@taakk.jp

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