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Good Deal Company Co., Ltd.

Shingo Kitamura

“A large city is a treasure trove of renewable resources"

One of the challenges we face around the world is the "garbage" emitted from our lives. There are various problems such as greenhouse gases from incineration, landfills that will reach their limits in a few years, and marine debris that flows into the sea and migrates worldwide. “TOKYO CORK PROJECT" was started in 2010 to reduce the environmental trade-offs of services that have enriched our lives and contribute to realizing a sustainable society.
This project focuses on "cork," which is widely used for "consumption," and wine bottle stoppers in overpopulated areas. We are working on the theme of reconsidering "a large consumption city is a treasure trove of renewable resources.”
We will “self-supply” cork through recycling, a material we 100% depend on imports, suppressing the carbon footprint required for import and reducing the environmental load by substituting petroleum-derived products with cork's functional characteristics. One of the attractive qualities is that we can eliminate the effects of foreign exchange, fuel, and global supply and demand and provide a stable supply.
By adopting open innovation and collaborating with companies in various industries, we will create avant-garde interactions in various places of people’s lives, raise social awareness of the environment, and build a circular economy.
Environmental issues are only becoming serious. If you face them head-on, the entire approach will be grim. However, we will design solutions and implement initiatives that will make everyone happy and smile.

Creator's Commitment

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Manufacturing that considers items eventually being thrown away

We diversify our products considering customer needs and differentiating them from other companies. This results from pursuing "How to deliver products of the same quality to many customers.” We have entered an era of mass production and mass consumption, creating cities overflowing with goods.
When making those things, we believe we have closed our eyes on environmental costs while paying close attention to production costs such as labor costs and material costs. That is why we believe that manufacturing now and in the future will require designs, assuming it will eventually be "discarded,” along with the environmental costs.
It is necessary to easily disassemble and separate products made by combining various materials at home and selecting materials with an eye on how to dispose of them. Although various recycled materials have been developed, we believe that there are also issues such as "I want to use recycled materials but I do not have a large budget" and "I want to supply recycled materials cheaply but the market size is too small." We have launched a new brand that uses only waste materials and recycled materials to trigger a change in such situations. Experience guilt-free manufacturing that is kind to the environment and people.

Visit / Experience

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We will guide you through each process facility

We will introduce each process facility, such as collection, sorting, recycling, and product production. Although it may be difficult to visit various places due to infectious disease prevention, please feel free to contact us.


3 million yen
Company Info
1. Produce business
2. Product planning, manufacturing, sales business
3. Event planning, operation
4. Seminars, lectures, etc.

Good Deal Company Co., Ltd. / Shingo Kitamura
136-0082 1-15-10 Shinkiba, Koto Ward, Tokyo
Phone : 03-6447-1596 FAX : 03-6447-1596  Mail : info@tokyocorkproject.jp

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