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Toraya Confectionery Co. Ltd.

Mitsuharu Kurokawa

Our desire is to share the pleasure of traditional Japanese sweets

Toraya was founded in Kyoto in the late Muromachi Period and has been operating as a Japanese confectionery business for five centuries. It has been a purveyor to the imperial court since the reign of Emperor Goyozei (1586-1611). In addition, the "Shobosanshi," a gazetteer of Myoshinji Temple in Kyoto mentions the name "Shigo Toraya" and the story of how "Toraya" hid Ishikawa Sadakiyo of the Western Army during the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600. In 1869, in order to continue purveying to the imperial family after Emperor Meiji's relocation of the capital to Tokyo, Toraya opened a shop in Tokyo while keeping the Kyoto shop running. “ Share the pleasure of traditional Japanese sweets” is the philosophy that Toraya has upheld since then. Please enjoy wagashi, traditional Japanese sweets which are a part of Japanese culture.

Creator's Commitment

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Toraya's confectionery artisanship

" Our desire is to share the pleasure of traditional Japanese sweets.” The sincere and honest approach to achieving this goal is the essence of the Toraya spirit that has continued through the years. In order to create delicious confections, careful procurement and inspection of ingredients, craftsmanship, the desire to produce better confections, and having a thorough hygiene management are essential. Our customers are the ultimate goal of our confectionery production. We create confections with sincerity and uncompromising attention to detail, envisioning the scene in which our customers will enjoy them. It does not simply ends at the making of the confections.

The ingredients for wagashi are azuki beans and other natural ingredients. It is crucial to secure the best ingredients stably, as the quality of these ingredients affects the final confectionery product. Toraya's priority has been to create confectioneries that make the most of the original flavor of the ingredients and avoid additives such as preservatives and artificial flavors. This allows our customers to enjoy our creations in their most delicious state. This is made possible by people who understand the importance of ingredients in making good confections and who take the time and effort to produce them. We continue to collaborate with production areas, such as adopting a contract cultivation system with the desire to nurture and sustain traditional Japanese foods carefully.


Early 16th century
24 million yen
Company Info
Manufacture and distribution of traditional Japanese confections

Toraya Confectionery Co. Ltd. / Mitsuharu Kurokawa
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