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Traditional craft Edo Kiriko
Traditional craft Edo Kiriko
Traditional craft Edo Kiriko

Shimizu Glass Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Michiyo Shimizu

Entrusting our hearts in our exceptional work

Over the years, we have been studying through partnering with high-end products and custom-made products of major manufacturers. Our motto is to contribute to our customers by gaining trust by providing careful processing technology and doing "exceptional work," including ingenuity in production and solving design problems. With the changing times, we are increasingly receiving requests from general customers and processing requests from inside and outside the industry, rather than being supported by a specific manufacturer. An example of such a relationship taking form is when we were in charge of producing the parts of Edo Kiriko used for the interior (exhibition decoration) of the main body of Tokyo Sky Tree®.
We are committed to continuing working with a strong commitment to bringing exceptional work to our customers, responding to the requests of our customers' orders and vision, entrusting our genuine care to our work.

Creator's Commitment

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Manufacturing that creates a desire for people to use it

We hold an unending desire for people to know the exceptional, attractive qualities of cut glass (Kiriko) by using it yourself. That is what we ponder in our hearts as we engage in our work. We also actively cooperate to create new designs and utilization methods using Kiriko's technology while valuing the reasons and backgrounds familiar to us, such as traditional patterns and standard shapes. For example, we recently developed products with the motif of Katsushika Hokusai's "36 Views of Mount Fuji" with the magazine "wakaku” from Shogakukan. We also renewed and repaired the glass lighting of an old building, using Kiriko. In everything we do, we cherish our desire of wanting people to know the attractive beauties of Kiriko by using it. Manufacturing that creates a desire for people to use it in their daily lives. We help to create attractive usages and design. We want to deliver these things by embodying our artisans' skills and experience in each case.

Visit / Experience

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Cooperation in local learning / school trips and research in industry / traditional crafts

We accept tours for local learning and school trips such as elementary and junior high schools. We started this because we wanted children, who will be the future users, to know about Edo Kiriko. As for interviews and tours about issues and research fields, including interviews from students, we try to cooperate as much as possible with the hope of them deepening their research and investigations. Through academic research and activities, such as industry and traditional crafts, we can often receive new knowledge and awareness. These are the same as cooperation in research related to different industries and designs that are interested in Edo Kiriko. Including various media coverage, we do all of this because we want as many people to know about Kiriko by using it themselves.


10 million yen
Company Info
Cut glass processing and product sales, including the traditional craft Edo Kiriko.
Various gifts, souvenirs for corporations and groups.
Has a track record of producing Edo Kiriko for content designers and architecture.

Shimizu Glass Co., Ltd. / Representative Director Michiyo Shimizu
124- 0006 4-64-7 Horikiri, Katsushika Ward, Tokyo
Phone : 03-3690-1205 FAX : 03-3690-1206  Mail : shimizu-glass@mtg.biglobe.ne.jp

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