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Ryo Kinoshita

Treasuring each day.

The stationery brand "himekuri" is a brand that produces stationery that makes everyday fun under the theme of "treasuring each day."
In 2018, "himekuri" won the Japan Stationery Award for Excellence in the Function Category, and the number of fans has increased year by year.
 "kamiterior" is a brand with the theme of paper interior. We will develop products that will make our users want to use and collect.
We also produce custom-made products of characters and celebrities, in addition to our original products.

Creator's Commitment

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Pursuing "fun to use."

We develop products that make everyday fun and create a small surprise every time our users use them based on the theme of "himekuri” and "treasuring each day."
The sticky notes are processed by hand to achieve this specification as "himekuri" and "himekuri free" have different designs on each sheet. We also tested it over 100 times to ensure that the sticky note block does not fall off the backing and does not take the ink from the sticky note beneath it. The sticky notes are glued on almost the entire surface, leaving 5 mm from the bottom, as many people use them as date sheets for diaries.
"memoterior mini" starts with the selection of paper that matches the image of the pattern. It is designed so that the top paper does not fall off even if the middle paper is used.
Do you actually show such special commitment to make these products!? We are making products that pursue perfection in the contents and usability of the product so our customers will show such reactions.


3 million yen
Company Info
Company info Paper wholesale business, printing business, original brand business of stationery brands "himekuri" and "kamiterior"

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