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Van Gogh
Van Gogh
Van Gogh

reflect art inc.

Ayano Fukumura

Creating a prosperous future by reflecting (reverberating) "art"

Based on our corporate philosophy of "reflecting art and creating a prosperous future," we have set up an atelier in Taito Ward, the city of art in Tokyo. Along with the artists, we are advancing our business development.
The founder has been performing in Japan and Europe since childhood as a pianist. She completed a Master’s Degree of a Doctoral Program at the Graduate School of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. Aspiring to become a glass artisan, she enrolled as a research student at The Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts.
She has developed multiple art-related brands and sold them at over 100 stores after her graduation. She has also used her music and art experience in her business, selling over 70 arts in Japan and overseas. Some of them include the "Van Gogh Exhibition" and "Klimt Exhibition.” We are developing products in collaboration with various exhibitions.
In addition to collaboration products with museums, we are also creating “ayanofukumura,” a glass jewelry brand inspired by piano pieces, “Fukumura Glass,“ handcrafted pieces made by partnering with Taito Ward’s artisans, “marinasuzuki,” items that unveil the beautiful world of colors with shawls and stationaries, and hand drawn one-of-a-kind “message cards.”
“Bringing artwork near you” We will continue our activities, aspiring for a "society where artists' activities are sustainable.”

Creator's Commitment

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All handmade one-of-a-kind items. A small work of art that you can bring into your daily life.

What we want to deliver is "small works of art that you can bring into your daily life."
For this reason, we spare no effort in manufacturing each of our items concealing our desire and care.
Every process is done by hand by five artisans to create all of our glass jewelry, our main business. This is why the number of glass made is limited. The process of using glass using the special technology developed by NASA is very complicated. It is not a technology that anyone can easily handle. The many processes and steps result in taking a long time to make each piece.
As a dazzling piece of "work" instead of a product, each showing patterns, shapes, and atmosphere, we create our items, wanting our customers to choose “the one and only piece for me.” We desire that you will use it with care, treasuring it over the years.

Visit / Experience

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An open atelier once every three months

As a general rule, we do not sell our products ourselves. Instead, we deliver them to various stores and sell them. However, only once every three months, the atelier where the artisans usually work is open to the public for exhibition and sale. Please see the details from the following website if you are interested.
Fukumura Glass https://fukumuraglass.com
marina suzuki http://marina-suzuki.com
reflect art inc. http://reflectart.co.jp


9.5 million yen
Company Info
・ Manufacturing, sales, wholesale, and export and import of creative glasswork and artwork image works
・ Advisory business utilizing art for businesses
・ Providing skill development programs based on art and instructor training

reflect art inc. / Ayano Fukumura
110-0013 1F 1-9-10 Iriya, Taito Ward, Tokyo
Phone : 03-6337-1180 FAX : 03-6337-1180  Mail : info@reflectart.co.jp

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