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Atabou Sushi

Daisuke Fujikawa

Atabo Sushi, an Edo-style sushi restaurant in Arakicho, Shinjuku-ku

A dish of fish fillets marinated and laid in Edo sweet soybean paste, which is certified as a traditional food by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as Tokyo local specialty food; "Edomae Tamagoyaki" made with Tokyo Silky Fowl eggs; "Edomae Nimi-Agonago" using only natural conger eel from Tokyo Bay and other natural conger eel........
They are produced by the sushi restaurant in Arakicho, Shinjuku, which has Tokyo ingredients, skills and tradition of Edo-mae sushi.
It is said that you can tell a good sushi restaurant by sampling its conger eel.
At Atabo Sushi, we are particular about natural conger eel, and our chefs, whom are skilled connoisseurs with long careers, are experts preparing and finishing the conger eel.
Although the word "Edomae Sushi" has an image of luxury, you can enjoy authentic sushi here at a reasonable price. Products such as "Edo sweet miso pickles" can be purchased through the e-commerce site.

Atabozushi Online Shop

Creator's Commitment

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Reliable and safe, as though we are serving our customers right in front of us

We provide safe and secure food with the same care as when we serve the customer in front of us.
This is why all products are prepared and shipped after you place an order.
It may take some time from order to shipment. Still, we embody the service and style of providing that we have cultivated through store management in our mail-order business. We are making products that customers can enjoy with peace of mind.


Company Info
Restaurant business (sushi restaurant)
Mail-order business for processed marine products

Atabou Sushi / Daisuke Fujikawa
〒160- 0007 Masaki Building 1F, 9 Arakicho, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo
Phone : 03-6380-4990 FAX : -  Mail : info@atabou.com

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