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The collection, use, and control of information on this website shall be conducted appropriately as follows based on the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on the Protection of Personal Information (Ordinance No. 113, December 21, 1990) (hereinafter referred to as "the Ordinance"), and we shall strive to build a website that everyone can use with confidence.

Personal Information

"Personal information" refers to addresses, names, telephone numbers, email addresses and other information that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government receives through this website that enable the identification of specific person.

Scope of Application

This policy is applicable only to this website, and is not applicable to other websites to which this website is linked.
The handling of information on the linked websites shall be conducted under the responsibility of the respective organizations.

Collection of Personal Information

The collection of information on this website by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government shall in principle be based on the willing provision of information (registration) by the persons who use this website.
The purpose of collecting personal information shall be clearly indicated when collecting such information. The collection of personal information shall be conducted within the scope necessary to achieve the clearly indicated purpose.

Limitations on the Use of Personal Information

The personal information that has been provided (registered) by users shall be used within the scope of the purpose clearly indicated in advance. No use of personal information by the administrator of this website shall be made beyond the purpose of its collection, nor shall the personal information be provided to a person other than the implementing organization other than the case that it is otherwise determined by the Ordinance.

Handling of Personal Information

The administrator of the website shall maintain strict control over the personal information that is collected, and shall take appropriate measures to prevent leakage, unlawful use, unlawful diversion, falsification, etc.
The operation of this website may be consigned to a third party, in which case the consignee shall take equivalent and appropriate measures.