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News from Nakamura Inc.: "Noren showroom is now open!!”

Nakamura Inc. (Headquarters: Kanda Awajicho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo; CEO: Shin Nakamura) has opened a noren showroom in Kanda, Tokyo.
Nakamura was founded in Kanda in 1923. Shin Nakamura, the current president, launched the noren business in 2013.
The noren business offers planning, design, manufacture, and production services. Nakamura has been aspiring to create new values and relationships of Japanese handicrafts and crafts through noren, including dyeing and weaving techniques. The company opened a new showroom to suggest and show the attractive qualities and possibilities of noren. The showroom displays unprecedented noren made in collaboration with creators active on the front lines, conveying the diverse attractive qualities of noren.

Showroom URL:http://noren-showcase.jp/