facebook 株式会社榮太樓總本鋪より「あめやえいたろう 2022年クリスマス特集」のお知らせ - 東京都が選定した名産品や特産品を紹介【BuyTOKYO】

News from EITARO Sohonpo Co.: “Ameya Eitaro 2022 Christmas Special” is now available

For a limited time, Eitaro Sohonpo's official online store is now selling the popular "Sweet Diamond." "Christmas BOX RED/GREEN" is also available on our online store for the first time.
We invite you to pick Eitaro’s Christmas limited gift for the special people in your life.

■EITARO Sohonpo Co. Official online store Ameya Eitaro 2022 Christmas Special