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Rosa Special Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Senior Managing Director Yuka Kadoya


She took over her father’s company and started her career in esthetics.
She applied for the Buy TOKYO Promotion Project, hoping for the coordinator’s support.

 Rosa Special Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was started as a cosmetics business that was inherited from others after retirement of my father, who had worked for a major foreign cosmetics manufacturer as an astute salesman. Rosa Special Cosmetics Co., Ltd. aims to create a world where people can make their own cosmetics based on preferences, just as they can season their meals. Based on the idea that "the starting point of cosmetics is water," we are actively engaged in CSR activities such as, river clean-up and tree-planting activities and are practicing "local communication," which is a local-oriented business operation.
 Based on the recommendation of my parents, I majored business administration at university, where many of my classmates had decided to take over their family businesses. While spending time in such environment, I became aware that I should also take over my family business. After graduating from my university, I obtained a cosmetology license and joined Rosa Special Cosmetics Co., Ltd. After joining the company, I gained experiences in creating quality standards and esthetics, and ended up serving as a director of the Japan Esthetic Association. Currently, I am in charge of the management of Rosa Special Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
 When I was thinking about business expansion, I heard about the Buy TOKYO Promotion Project from a consultant at the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center. I applied for the project, hoping that the coordinator would proactively provide me with hands-on support for my company’s efforts.

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The coordinator is not just an “order taker”.
He is more like comrades who can give me advice from the company’s point of view
more kindly than you might imagine.

 We have been selected as one of the Buy TOKYO Promotion Projects, and hands-on support by the coordinator has started. To be honest, I thought that the coordinator was just an "order taker" who would just check the progress of the business plan.
 However, the actual coordinator betrayed my expectations in a good way. The coordinator helped me to "visualize" the contents that I would not have been able to think thoroughly on my own, such as, organizing the appeal points to customers from a third party's perspective, discussing what should be done to prevent COVID-19 spreads and considering what we should work on to improve the efficiency of customer acquisition at exhibitions.
 In particular, while we were affected by the spread of COVID-19 in 2020, we launched a new alcohol hand sanitizer and were able to "manage our business by taking advantage of COVID-19”. This product was also created as a result of discussions with the coordinator on what preventions could be considered. Customers who purchased this product responded with comments such as, "My hands don't get rough," and "It has a nice scent of cypress.”

Subsidiary support makes it possible for companies to actively participate in exhibitions.
Exhibitions will lead to sales increase, sales channels and media exposure.

 In the Buy TOYKO Promotion Project, you can receive subsidiary support according to the plan you have submitted. With the subsidiary support from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we were able not only to conduct publicity activities for our products, but also to participate in exhibitions and business meetings that we would not have been able to participate in on our own. As a result, we were able to obtain new contracts from many customers, both individuals and corporations.
 Also, as we continued to participate in exhibitions and business meetings, we sometimes received requests for interviews from the media. As a result of our energetic "local communication," we continued to appear on local TV and radio programs in 2020."

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We will continue to expand sales and sales channels
even after the Buy TOKYO Promotion Project support ends.
We steadily "planted seeds" for this purpose in the Buy TOKYO Promotion Project.

 With "local communication" as our foundation, we plan to continue selling our products at tourist information centers in Akishima City, where our head office was originally located, as well as selling them as returns for Hometown Tax Donation. Now that we have relocated our head office to Higashikurume City, we are thinking of developing and selling new products in collaboration with local characters related to Higashikurume City and artists in the Nishitama area. We plan to expand our business by mobilizing the knowledge we have absorbed from the coordinator in the Buy TOKYO Promotion Project.

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【The key to success of Rosa Special Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (the coordinator’s point of view)】
Mrs. Kadoya has a personality that accepts everything honestly.
Her personality, which is loved by everyone, is the strongest weapon of all
and will lead sales and sales channel expansion.

 We asked her coordinator about the key to success of Rosa Special Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
 The coordinator stated that Mrs. Kadoya has a personality that is loved by everyone. They were able to launch a new alcohol hand sanitizer, despite the spread of COVID-19, by maintaining good relationships with their raw material suppliers on a regular basis.