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Kazuhiro Yamamoto

MADE IN TOKYO apparel brand "DG TOKYO”

The world's one and only material originally developed by a textile manufacturer that has been in Ryogoku, Tokyo, with a history for more than 110 years has provides the features of "non-transparency," "soft and gentle on the skin," and "anti-odor and anti-bacterial effect.” DG TOKYO is an apparel brand that makes use of these features in collaboration with DANGAN, which holds the largest number of professional boxing events in Japan.
The brand has been developed not only for sports enthusiasts, but also for street casual wear. The feature of "no transparency" is especially important in the sports scene and summer casual scene, where when people often get wet with sweat or wear thin clothes.
The lineup includes a wide range of T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts, and the simple design allows the brand to be worn used in a variety of situations, making it a brand with a wide range of wearing capacity.

Kanehaku Textile Industry Online Shop (DG TOKYO)

Creator's Commitment

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Keep creating things that didn’t exist in the world with the skills and know-how we have built up.

We will develop a street casual, active brand that is not bound by the framework of boxing, martial arts, and sports while incorporating the essence of boxing, such as "stoic," "strength," "seriousness," "passion," "impression" and "friendship." We began by developing material for T-shirts and sweatshirts that had never existed before from the stage of spinning (the work of making threads from cotton). As a special process, we knit with a special knitting machine built only for this thread. Over the years, we have developed a material that exists only in Tokyo in this world.
The delicate paper patterns (patterns) are made, cut, sewn, and finished by skilled craftsmen. After applying deodorant and antibacterial treatment, the T-shirts and sweatshirts with the best comfort and security are ready to be delivered to our customers. We will share this beautiful product to the world from Tokyo.


10 million yen
Company Info
Planning, production, and sales of a wide range of textile products

KANE100 TEXTILE INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. / Kazuhiro Yamamoto
130- 0011 1-8-1 Ishiwara, Sumida Ward, Tokyo
Phone : 03-3625-0231 FAX : 03-3625-5236  Mail : kane100@kt.rim.or.jp

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