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A brushed-finished notebook that can be easily opened made by bookbinder craftsmen
A brushed-finished notebook that can be easily opened made by bookbinder craftsmen
A brushed-finished notebook that can be easily opened made by bookbinder craftsmen

WATANABE Bookbinding Co. Ltd.

Koichi Watanabe

Paper products that bring a bit of an upgrade to your life, delivered by a team of bookbinders

Since our founding in 1946, Watanabe Bookbinding has focused on bookbinding, starting with lexicons and dictionaries. Continuing to be committed to making beautiful and well-tailored books, we operate as a "bookbinding consultant" from general books to special bookbinding. Our experience and knowledge cultivated over 70 years makes this possible. We are delivering a fusion of machining and hand processing by a group of craftsmen who have bookmaking expertise.
We carry out daily bookbinding that requires high precision at the factory, such as academic books, museum catalogs, and luxury brand novelty notebooks. For bookbinding such as dictionaries and scholarly books, it is necessary to have a durability that opens firmly and well, does not break even if opened repeatedly, and long time usage.
Since 2016, we have planned, manufactured, and sold paper products centered on notebooks packed with bookbinding technology.
The material used is domestic paper, which has a good reputation in Japan and overseas for its quality and writability. A stress-free and beautiful notebook with a comfortable feel is completed by performing subdivided pre-processes such as cover pasting, folding, and spelling at a specialized factory in Tokyo, finishing with the brushwork of craftsmen.
Many people are not familiar with the word "bookbinding," even if they are familiar with books. They often ask, "What is the difference from a printing company?" Bookbinding is the final process of assembling printed paper into a single book. It is an unsung hero who delivers abundance such as learning and fun to everyone's hands.

Creator's Commitment

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Easily usable notebooks that come close to you. Long-lasting items that can be inherited.

Are there notebooks that we can write more comfortably? We want to make the best notebook by collecting the experience and technique of bookbinding.
Watanabe Bookbinding was born with such passion. The aim was to create beautiful stationery that can come close to the user, with all the comforts of writing, holding, and turning. We draw out the experience and knowledge of bookmaking practiced over 70 years, the technology passed down for three generations, and our dedicated heart for books. It is an unparalleled, unique product made by a bookbinding studio pursuing the best craft in making notebooks.
Notebooks that are comfortable to use that come close to the user are what we prioritize over all else. Durable and long-lasting notebooks that can be inherited. Achieving ease of use and resistance to breakage is a handicraft unique to this notebook made by a "bookbinding studio." For example, the brushwork is indispensable for pasting the cover to the body of a notebook. The notebook will not be easily opened if even a few millimeters of glue in the throat (binding part) when putting glue on the back of a book. To prevent this from happening, skilled craftsmen create notebooks with a good opening by fine-tuning the brush drawing method and the amount of glue based on the feeling of their "hands."
We are also committed to an "ALL MADE IN JAPAN” manufacturing process, selecting high-quality domestic materials and processing them at a factory in Tokyo.


12 million yen
Company Info
1. Bookbinding by machining and hand processing (upper binding, normal binding)
2. Planning, manufacturing, and sales of paper products utilizing bookbinding technology

WATANABE Bookbinding Co. Ltd. / Koichi Watanabe
3- 4- 2, Higashi-Nippori, Arakawa Ward, Tokyo, 116- 0014
Phone : 03-3802-8381 FAX : 03-3802-8384  Mail : info@booknote.tokyo

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