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t.c.k.w Co., Ltd.

Yuudai Tachikawa

"AMUAMI" - Edo Kiriko & Tokyo Kumihimo

"AMUAMI" is a luxury brand of lifestyle products that leverages traditional craftsmanship techniques originating from Japan/ incorporates Japan's traditional craftsmanship techniques.
They curate products that blend motifs from Japanese culture with traditional craftsmanship techniques from various regions across the country, bringing together the essence of Japan's exceptional skills.
The certified "AMUAMI" Tokyo Collection within our venture is a collaborative effort between artisans specializing in traditional Tokyo crafts—Edo Kiriko and Tokyo Kumihimo—and local industrial resources.
They have meticulously combined the pleasant texture of Kumihimo and the delicate patterns of Edo Kiriko, treating each distinctive feature as an art piece. The resulting products are dedicated to the pursuit of showcasing the beauty of traditional crafts for your enjoyment.
In particular, our accessory boxes resonate as exquisite masterpieces where the connected Kumihimo fabric and Edo Kiriko glass lids, adorned with patterns inspired by Kumihimo, seamlessly merge traditional craftsmanship with a luxurious design.

"AMUAMI" Online Shop

The exhibition house known as "ZEAMI-AN." (By Reservation Only)

Creator's Commitment

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Searching for techniques to connect to the next era

This beautiful art piece was completed thanks to the high skill level and challenging spirit of the skilled artisans of Shimizu Glass and Ryukobo, which oversaw the production.
An art piece born from the connection of many layers of people, hands, and techniques.
We hope that you will see in these art pieces how the techniques for the next era are being refined.


3 million yen
Company Info
Planning, public relations, sales, export and import of furniture, interior goods, and household electrical appliances
Planning of product composition, etc., for stores
Planning and management of exhibitions
Design contract

t.c.k.w Co., Ltd. / Yuudai Tachikawa
150- 0001 Room 503 Villa Bianca 2-33-12 Jingumae, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
Phone : 03-6434-5203 FAX : 03-6434-5204  Mail : info@amuami.com

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