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fishoe Co., Ltd.

Yoshie Uehara

Sustainable shoes "VEGE'"

"VEGE," born in Asakusabashi, Taito Ward, is a shoe brand that prioritizes sustainable practices centered around creating products that are friendly to both people and the environment.
In response to the growing concern of mass waste in the apparel industry, 'VEGE' focuses on preventing excess waste by adopting small-batch production to create high-quality products designed for long-lasting use.
We prioritize the use of genuine leather and recycled materials known for their superior durability compared to synthetic leather in order to address the durability concerns. Additionally, we offer limited editions using discarded leather to promote sustainability.
We offer a wide range of lineup from pumps to sneakers, presenting uniquely captivating designs that are meant to be cherished for the long term, distinguishing our products from disposable alternatives.
In addition to having stores in Shibuya Scramble Square, Yokohama Sogo, and Nihonbashi Takashimaya, we will be opening an antenna shop on the first floor of our Asakusabashi office in the summer of 2024.

"VEGE" Online Shop

Creator's Commitment

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Manufacturing high-quality products that can be used for a long time

Actively using recycled materials.
We are working to minimize the burden on the production background and the environment. Create an environment where producers can create products without difficulty. Create shoes our customers can use for a long time instead of disposable ones. This can only be realized by creating high-quality products.
We will review the things we could not do, which seemed like common sense but needed to be more natural to implement, and we will always keep improving. It's essential to do what you can, one step at a time.


4.5 million yen
Company Info
1. Planning, designing, manufacturing, and selling shoes

fishoe Co., Ltd. / Yoshie Uehara
〒111-0053 Room 102 Vertour Asakusabashi, 3-14-1 Asakusabashi, Taito Ward, Tokyo
Phone : 03‐5829‐6249 FAX : 03‐5829‐6259  Mail : info@fishoe.co.jp

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