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Akihiko Kimura

“From western clothing to kimono” A sandal brand made using hanao, traditional Japanese thongs

The sandal brand “SU〓GU” was released in 2020, drawing from “HANAO SANDALS” created for the "LOKITHO Spring / Summer 2018 Collection” managed by ALPINISME Co., Ltd. The concept is “From western clothing to kimono. A sandal brand made using hanao, traditional Japanese thongs.” The design ensures that the sandals pair well with Japanese clothing such as yukata and kimono, not to mention western clothing.
The hanao production is done through the partnership with “Hanaichi,” which produces hanao in Tokyo and plans and produces hanao exclusively for "SU〓GU" sandals, which are all handmade. The “maetsubo,” the front string that fixes the hanao to the base, is crucial to the finishing. The artisans are committed to every detail, including whether the height, length, and angle of the “maetsubo” fit beautifully. The manufacturing method of “SU〓GU”’s sandals differs from that of Japanese footwear as it uses wooden models. It is made with the painstaking ingenuity of repeatedly shaving wooden models to ensure the “maetsubo” fits beautifully.

Creator's Commitment

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Commitment to "Maetsubo,” the key element that decides the beauty of the hanao

It is said that a part called “maetsubo” is the key to the beauty of geta, Japanese sandals with hanao. The "maetsubo” is where you insert the foot's fingers, located at the tip of the hanao. How this part is fastened, including the height and angle, is the decisive factor determining the beauty of geta with hanao. “SU〓GU" sandals are sandals made using modern methods other than the hanao. Ingenuity and skill are required to beautifully fit the “maetsubo,” as the structure is different from the so-called geta. We developed a unique technique for fixing the hanao by creating countless prototypes, repeatedly shaving wooden models. It is not a mere sandal that uses hanao.
We create each geta with care and thought, paying respect to Japan's traditional beauty from ancient times.


5 million yen
Company Info
Planning, production, wholesale, and sales of apparel and miscellaneous goods

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