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Wakoh INC.

Hiroshi Kokubun

"WASHI-TECH," the Japanese paper clothing by "Wakoh."

"WASHI-TECH" is a fashion brand that has developed products using 100% Japanese paper as a material. It has gained attention both domestically and internationally for utilizing Washi(It is Japanese paper crafted from plant fibers, prized for its strength and versatility in traditional arts and crafts.), a sustainable material with minimal environmental impact.
Japanese paper, a traditional material in Japan, is a high-tech material with excellent breathability, water absorption, moisture retention, and moisture permeability. It also possesses antibacterial and deodorizing effects.
"WASHI-TECH," crafted by artisans who meticulously twist a single sheet of paper into threads, knit fabrics, and fashion garments, represents the pinnacle of quality. Despite being made from Japanese paper, it offers a soft, smooth, and moist texture that is gentle to the touch—an outcome of relentless experimentation and refinement.
"Wakoh has successfully applied its expertise in silk production and weaving to transform the challenging material of 100% Japanese paper into finished products."
From the producers of raw materials to the sewing artisans, "Wakoh" considers everyone involved in the production process. The company continues to explore processes that impose minimal impact on the environment and no mental burden.

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Creator's Commitment

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In a single weave. With the passion of every single producer involved.

In a single weave.
With the passion of every single producer involved.

Social problems caused by the fashion industry have come to the fore in recent years. Our society is struggling to change the state of fashion and how people think about it.
"WASHI-TECH" continues to search for processes that don't burden the earth and mind, caring about everyone involved in the production, from raw material producers to sewing artisans. We have paid close attention to detail so that every product can be made with the pure passion of the producers in a comfortable work environment and stress-free work.

We aim to fulfill our “responsibility to create” and realize an “ethical future” where consumers and producers can be happy.


19 million yen
Company Info
Apparel planning and sewing industry

Wakoh INC. / Hiroshi Kokubun
〒130- 0021 2-15-9 Midori, Sumida Ward, Tokyo
Phone : 03-3634-5645 FAX : 03-3634-5649  Mail : info@wakoh.tokyo

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