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Jo Nakamura

Jewelry that is "slightly off from the model" without being caught in preconceptions.

“januka” is a jewelry brand started in 2012 by designer Jo Nakamura who studied product design in NY and the Netherlands. In April 2014, he moved to Taito Ward Designers Village. He utilized Taito Ward's manufacturing technology to expand the range of his works.
In May 2016, after a nomination competition by the Mie Prefecture Pearl Council, he was in charge of designing the lapel pin worn by the representatives of the participating countries at the Group of Seven (G7 Ise-Shima Summit), with Akoya Pearl from Ise-Shima, produced by Taito Ward's metal processing technology. It was featured in many media, including newspapers, magazines, and TV programs, as "manufacturing in Tokyo.”
In June 2017, the first directly managed store of “januka” was opened in Nishi-Ogikubo. In February 2021, the store was relocated to Aoyama. You can see the full lineup of bridal ring collections at the new store. januka's concept is "slightly off the model" without being bound by preconceptions about the structure and technique of jewelry. While upholding the beauty and quality of modeling as the basic base, our works are characterized by respecting the concept and starting the design by daring to question the basics of jewelry making. We can customize the material and width of the ring and create a special time that will treasure the couple’s feelings and special memories and stories through the ring. We invite you to come and see the rings for yourself.

Creator's Commitment

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Uniqueness crafted by tradition and innovation

We combine cutting-edge CAD and 3D printing, including traditional metal engraving techniques such as Japanese engraving and inlaying. Taking into account later processes such as polishing and stone setting, CAD operation is impossible without the supervision of someone who has many years of experience as an artisan in handmaking crafts. This is why the speed of work and complicated design using technology while improving the reproducibility of the parts that can only be realized by skilled artisans are finished with high quality by traditional techniques. The processing technology for natural stone is a particular, exclusive technology that only "the person" can practice, which is the cornerstone of our design. In addition to natural stones, the diamond series metalworking and bridal ring production are also made with an approach beyond general finishing and fastening methods. Consequently, the technology used is highly sophisticated and new, assisted by a passionate and committed artisan. Through continuing to challenge ourselves without being afraid of difficulty, we will be able to improve our technology. This will be the foundation in which new, spirited designs will be born. As we have shown you, the encounters with unusual talent become the breath that will be breathed into new manufacturing, polishing the uniqueness of januka.


1 million yen
Company Info
1. Jewelry design / production / retail / wholesale
2. Design proposals to manufacturers and other brands

januka.co.,ltd / Jo Nakamura
107-0062 4-23-4 Minami-Aoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Phone : 03-6419-7704 FAX : 03-6419-7704  Mail : info@januka.jp

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